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Experience Significant Relief from 
Anxiety, InsomniaDepression and Pain
(FDA Cleared, Safe and Effective Use for over 35 years)

                             Practitioner Online Alpha-Stim Learning Center

Alpha-Stim Protocol Training Center


Protocols at a Glance Downloads:

How to use Alpha-Stim M with Smart Probes to treat pain in the neck and shoulders

Alpha-Stim M Probe Treatment Strategies at a Glance (2007)


MicroCurrent Electrical Therapy (MET) - A Tutorial
Learn how to use the probes.

Alpha-Stim Self Adhesive Electrode Protocols at a Glance (2008)

Pain Management - A Practical Guide for Clinicians, Chapter 61

Alpha-Stim Expert Training and Support

Interactive Online CES/MET Training Module

As a healthcare practitioner interested in learning more about Alpha-Stim® technology, we are proud to offer you the opportunity to continue your training and education via our online learning center. This training module is designed to prepare practitioners to successfully treat patients suffering with anxiety, insomnia, depression and pain using the Alpha-Stim®. The knowledge you gain will help you seamlessly incorporate this technology into your practice. A certificate of training is granted upon completion. 

Certification webinars are available for licensed healthcare practitioners who have purchased Alpha-Stim devices. For more information, or to schedule a webinar, contact Jack White, Alpha-Stim Clinical Educator,

This is the Alpha-Stim M training video.

Alpha-Stim AID instructional video.



The Science Behind CES

Now on CD- The definitive guide to the science behind this exciting, modern approach to treatment of anxiety, depression, insomnia and other stress related disorders. It’s safe, easy to use and proven effective. Learn why and how in this updated 2nd Edition. A complete annotated bibliography of 126 human and 29 experimental animal studies, plus 31 reviews, 2 meta-analyses, a current density model of CES, side effects and follow-up tables, Alpha-Stim CES physician surveys, all indexed and cross referenced. 220 pages. Includes bonus material- 22 articles published between 2002-2008.

Read the book online.

Kirsch, Daniel L. Microcurrent Electrical Therapy (MET): A Tutorial Practical Pain Management, 6(7):59-64, 2006. 


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