Alpha Team Medical, Authorized Alpha-Stim Distributor for Charlotte Metropolitan Area, North Carolina 

Experience Significant Relief from 
Anxiety, InsomniaDepression and Pain
(FDA Cleared, Safe and Effective Use for over 35 years)
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Alpha-Stim Prescription Order Form with Information Flyer

Alpha-Stim AID treats anxiety, insomnia and depression.

Download Alpha-Stim AID Brochure 

Alpha-Stim M treats pain, anxiety, insomnia and depression.

Download Alpha-Stim M Brochure

The Science Behind Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation

Is Alpha-Stim Microcurrent Stimulation Effective in Pain Management? An Additional Perspective

Alpha-Stim® M and You

How the Alpha-Stim® M can provide the relief you deserve for chronic, acute, and post-operative pain control along with the management of anxiety, insomnia and depression.


Alpha-Stim® AID and You

How the Alpha-Stim® AID can provide the relief you deserve for anxiety, insomnia and depression.


A discussion about using CES to process feelings, a crucial component of psychotherapy.

Results at a Glance

Results using Alpha-Stim® technology as reported from practitioners and patients.

How CES Works

A look into the mechanisms and effects of using Alpha-Stim® technology.

Alpha-Stim Saves Money
Cost Containment Comparison Between Alpha-Stim® and 
the Leading Anxiety, Insomnia, Depression and Pain Medications

Retail Order Form - Price list and order form for Alpha-Stim® devices and accessories. Download statement of medical necessity for Alpha-Stim use.

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