Alpha Team Medical, Authorized Alpha-Stim Distributor for Charlotte Metropolitan Area, North Carolina 

Experience Significant Relief from 
Anxiety, InsomniaDepression and Pain
(FDA Cleared, Safe and Effective Use for over 35 years)

Non-Drug, Safe, Effective, Clinically Proven Depression Relief

Alpha Stim

With 55 completed studies, and many more underway, there is more research supporting Alpha-Stim® technology than there is for most drugs. The US government has funded two major Alpha-Stim® studies: one is a NCI/NIH study for breast cancer and the other is a VA study for veterans with spinal cord injuries.

Absolutely nothing relieves depression like the Alpha-Stim. Results gained from the Alpha-Stim have been repeatedly verified through more clinical studies than any other device in its class. Alpha-Stim treatment can be combined with any type of medication program. 

The Alpha-Stim is well tolerated and very safe in contrast to drugs used in the treatment of mood disorders, many of which have been proven to have undesirable side effects and can be addictive. Unlike drugs, the Alpha-Stim leaves the mind alert and the body relaxed with an emotional sense of well being. Depression control is generally experienced after three to six weeks of daily treatment. Alpha-Stim is very simple to use.


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Alpha-Stim Research on Depression



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