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Anxiety Relief!

Alpha-Stim Treatment for Kids with Anxiety and Insomnia


Psychiatrist Using Alpha-Stim

Psychologist Using Alpha-Stim

The Alpha-Stim® has gained a strong reputation as a powerful natural treatment for anxiety and anxiety disorder symptoms. Alpha-Stim® has proved successful both during anxious episodes, and as a preventative measure.The Alpha-Stim® can be extremely useful to those suffering from short term anxiety related to challenging life situations and anxiety disorder, due to its powerful ability to enhance relaxation, calmness and alertness.

Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES) increases the production of alpha brain waves, which causes a state of relaxation. Encouraging this state will help sufferers to not only feel physically more relaxed, but also to re-asses the situations and circumstances that make them feel anxious.

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